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12th World Multi-Conference on Systemics, Cybernetics and Informatics: WM-SCI '08


The analysis of speech, particularly for emotional content, is an open area of current research. Ongoing work has developed an emotional speech corpus for analysis, and defined a vowel stress method by which this analysis may be performed. This paper documents the development of LinguaTag, an open source speech analysis software application which implements this vowel stress emotional speech analysis method developed as part of research into the acoustic and linguistic correlates of emotional speech. The analysis output is contained within a file format combining SMIL and SSML markup tags, to facilitate search and retrieval methods within an emotional speech corpus database. In this manner, analysis performed using LinguaTag aims to combine acoustic, emotional and linguistic descriptors in a single metadata framework.


European Commission under contract FP6- 027122, “Semantic AudiovisuaL Entertainment Reusable Objects- SALERO”.