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Decision Support Systems in Agriculture, Food and the Environment: Trends, Applications and Advances, pages 317-338. Published by IGI Global.


Current field data collection methods for many of today’s scientific and other observer/monitor type applications are still entrenched in the “clipboard age”, requiring manual data transcription to a database management system at some (often much) later date, and only allows for visualisation and analysis of recently captured field data “back in the lab”. This chapter is targeted at progressing today’s pen & paper methodology into the spatially enabled mobile computing age of realtime multi-media data input, integration, visualisation, and analysis simultaneously both in the field and the lab. The system described is customized to the specific needs of the Canadian Great Lakes Laboratory for Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Fish Habitat Management Group requirements for fish species at risk assessment, but is ready for adaptation to other environmental agency applications (e.g. forestry, health-pesticide monitoring, agriculture, etc.). The chapter is ideally suited to all agencies responsible for collecting field data of any type that have not yet moved to a state-of-the-art mobile and wireless data collection, visualisation, and analysis work methodology