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Business and Management., Cultural and economic geography, Social sciences

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Diversity and Sustainability Opportunities and Threats Conference, Coimbra, Portugal, May 2023


An examination of the layers of business place identities resulting from the creation of a road tourism route: an exploration of the Wild Atlantic Way

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This paper is focussed on the Wild Atlantic Way (WAW) in Ireland and explores the concept of entrepreneurial place identity in terms of tourism routes. Place identity has been shown to be important for tourism entrepreneurs as it affects their self- efficacy (Haller, Assaker and Lee, 2013) and their strategies (Mottiar, 2016). This paper seeks to explore how tourism businesses have altered their identity as a result of the WAW. In particular have they incorporated the WAW proposition into their own marketing? Is there a hierarchy of place identities that these businesses display?

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The results presented here will be the first phase of this project and are based on netnographic research of tourism business websites and their social media channels. Using a structured framework, place identities are examined and compared via visual and textual analysis.


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