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Entrepreneurship Education Share and Learn Symposium, Growth Hub, Dublin, November 2022


A key element in Entrepreneurship education is exposing learners to real life entrepreneurial experiences. This is most often done via guest lectures who provide insightful presentations on their journeys, activities and strategies. This is often an element that students enjoy and report on positively in quality assurance forms. However, there are limitations to this approach as usually it is limited to one entrepreneur per module/semester, the type of entrepreneur who provides the guest lecture may be related to proximity, convenience or current networks of the lecturer, and diverse interests of students, and entrepreneurial representation, may not be met in this limited scenario.

From a student voice perspective although higher education has become more focussed on incorporating discussion and interaction as a teaching and learning approach, often this is limited as some students are more likely to talk, and within the lecture room setting time is limited so often it is immediate rather than reflective responses that are being expressed. Thus, the student voice is also often restricted in this traditional curriculum delivery mode.

This presentation will explore how we can further enhance this often limited voice from both students and entrepreneurs within entrepreneurship education. An experience of how this is being attempted in one Entrepreneurship module in TU Dublin is presented. The presentation will outline how podcasts, post lecture reflection, vevox, mural and an e-portfolio are being utilized to capture more voices in this module.


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