Timetable Dublin Gastronomy Symposium 2022

DAY 1 - TUESDAY 31 MAY 2022

08:45-09:15 Registration


  • Welcome - Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
  • Official Opening and Presentation of TU Dublin Graduate of the Year Award - Orla McDonagh, Dean Arts and Humanities, TU Dublin
  • Living the Symposium Ethos - Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire
  • Keynote Address - Carolyn Steel "Food and Movement in the Modern City"

    Gallagher's Boxty House Gastronomy Student Awards - Anke Klitzing and Pádraic Óg Gallagher

  • Awarded to Shirley Mpiwa and Mallika Bhandary
  • DGS Fellowship Awards - Elaine Mahon

  • Presented to Liz Erraught and Stephen Mennell
  • 10:30-11:00 Tea/Coffee Break

    11:00-12:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    Parallel Session 1 Movements in Culinary Writings - Chair: Marzena Keating

  • Publishing and the Circulation of Culinary Literature in Australia 1860–1940 - Alison Vincent
  • Recipes in Paulista cuisine, Brazil (19th and 20th centuries) - Eliane Morelli Abrahão
  • Are Exotic Food-Experiences a Form of Eating on the Move at Home? Evidence from Two Culinary Magazines in the Long Eighties - Francesco D'Ausilio
  • Mobile Grounds: From Ambulant Café to Take Away Coffee - Nihal Bursa
  • Parallel Session 2 Activist and Resistance Movements/Migration and Diaspora - Chairs: Amy Bentley/ Priya Mani

  • 'Thinking Outside the Box': Extending Our Analysis of Surplus Food Movement - Michelle Share, Caitríona Delaney and Perry Share
  • Food and the Civil Rights Movement - Urszula Niewiadomska-Flis
  • Uyghur Cuisine and Identity: An Historical Overview of a Discreet Diaspora - Randall McNamara
  • The Irreplaceable Frying Pan and the Green-Eyed Tiger: Emotional Transnationalism and the Moving Foodways of Migrants in Montreal - Amanda Whittaker
  • Parallel Session 3 Artisans, Farmers and Chefs: Modern Irish Food Movement - Chair: John Mulcahy

  • Preserving Irish Smoked Salmon: Food Producers, Cultural Heritage, and Environmental Conservation - Malia Guyer-Stevens
  • Irish Farmhouse Cheese: A New Food Tradition Born of Many Movements - Molly Garvey
  • Reverse Transhumance: From the Boyne to the Burren, the story of Winterage in Ireland’s Burren - Olivia Duff
  • Back to the Future: The Artisan Food Producer in Ireland’s Food Tourism Proposition - Rebecca O'Flynn
  • 12:30-14:15 Lunch in the TU Dublin restaurants showcasing the best of local Irish producers

    14:15-15:45 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    Parallel Session 4 Irish Food History - Chair: Flicka Small

  • ‘Cé a bhog mo cháis?’ The Celtic Origins of Early Irish Cheesemaking - Anthony Buccini
  • Relish, Condiment, “Kitchen”: Bastions of Irish Food Practice for Fourteen Hundred Years - John Mulcahy
  • The Travels of Soda Bread: From Everyday Staple to Heritage Food - Lucy Long
  • Parallel Session 5 A New Look at Beverages - Chair: Brian Murphy

  • On Food and Movement: Exploring Origin and Locale as Part of Food and Wine Education for Hospitality - Patricia Rogers, Trevis Gleason, Morgan VanderKamer, Anke Carmen Hartmann
  • Is the Language of Wine Broken? - Richie Brady
  • The Impacts of the UK Wine Industry on People, Place and Climate - Claire Lyons
  • The Movement of Women, Beer and Feast Foods in Establishing the Inka Empire - Marie Hopwood
  • Parallel Session 6 When Foods Migrate - Chair: Elaine Mahon

  • Landing Bananas: Food and Mobility in U.S. Depictions of Fruit - Shana Klein
  • Mangoes on the Move: The Mango as a Diplomatic Gift - Paul Brummell
  • Sweet Tales of Sweet Potatoes in Edo Japan - Miguel Ángel Pelayo Prieto
  • Olive Oil and Movement, Moving Olive Oil - Anne Meneley
  • 15:45-16:00 Tea/Coffee Break

    16:00-17:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    Parallel Session 7 Moving Towards New Identities - Chair: Diarmuid Cawley

  • Endless Saga of Food Movement from Rural Anatolia to Istanbul - Banu Özden
  • What Am I - Chopped Suey?: Belonging and the Ambivalent Taste of American Exceptionalism - Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus and Zoya Brumberg
  • Transculturation – Shang Palace, Chinese Haute Cuisine in Paris - Lung Lung Hu
  • From Bean to Bombay Mix - Priya Mani
  • Parallel Session 8 Colonialism and Decolonisation - Chair: Igor Cusack

  • The Movement of Salt-fish in West Indian Postcolonial Spaces - Shrinagar Francis
  • In Search of the Lost Taste: The Story of 'La Cuisine Pied Noir' - Rainer Wieshammer
  • A Transnational History of Trappist Cheese - Lili Zách
  • 19:00 Symposium Gala Dinner in the King’s Inns

    DAY 2 - WEDNESDAY 01 JUNE 2022

    09:30-11:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    Parallel Session 9 Food and Food Education As Public Values - Chair: Orla McConnell

  • Making a Chef’s Heart Sing! The Role of Positive Health and Well-being - Moving Towards a Positive Health Framework for Culinary Arts Education - Annette Sweeney
  • Cooking in the Library - Rebecca Freeman
  • Food History as an Ingredient in Teaching Early Modern Migration - Mairi Cowan and Whitney Hahn
  • Team Dinners: Considering Trends, Traditions, & Impacts beyond Sport - Alana Seaman and Michael Seaman
  • Parallel Session 10 Moving the Imagination - Chair: Anke Klitzing

  • Food and Modernity in Post-Vatican II Catholicism: Herman Zaccarelli and The Food Research Center for Catholic Institutions (FRCCI) - Amy Bentley
  • Food on the Move: An Exploration of Peristalsis in James Joyce’s Ulysses - Flicka Small
  • Food and Movement in Modernist Art - Tricia Cusack
  • Taking a Culinary Journey through the Pages of Cookbooks Published during the People’s Republic of Poland - Marzena Keating
  • 11:00-11:30 Tea/Coffee Break

    11:30-13:00 PARALLEL SESSIONS

    Parallel Session 11 Outdoors - Chair: Tricia Cusack

  • As soon as the buck is killed, the liver should be taken out and cut into thin slices: On Safari in Africa 1860-1960 - Igor Cusack
  • “Tea and Hot Water Provided”: Conviviality, Commensality, and Hospitality in the Rambling Notes of W.E. Hopkin 1930-1940 - David Bell and Theresa Moran
  • ‘Piquant Collations’ and ‘Agreeable Confusion’: The Food and Drink of the Long Nineteenth-Century Picnic - Graham Harding
  • Of Pails and Buckets, Boxes and Bags - Peter Hertzmann
  • Parallel Session 12 Moving In and Out of French Cuisine - Chair: Eamon Maher

  • Shaping the 'Small Things of Common Experience': Migration and Adaptation in Ashkenazi food practices from Alsace to America - Angela Hanratty
  • Bouillabaisse: A Traditional Dish in Motion in Order to Survive - Mathieu Belledent
  • An Immigrant Cook in Paris - Siobhán Gough
  • Sensorial Marketing and the Ecuadorian Cuisine - Viviana Carolina Paredes and Klaes Eringa
  • 13:00-14:30 Lunch in the TU Dublin restaurants showcasing the best of local Irish producers

    14:30-16:00 PLENARY SESSION

  • Irish Butter Makers pre-1900: 'Carrying the Can' & 'Joining in Butter' - Claudia Kinmonth
  • Valuing Authenticity and Place in Food Ventures - Finbarr Bradley
  • Following Food Flows: Food Sharing Webs and Sustainability in the City - Anna Davies
  • Thailand / Ireland - Where is Home? The Experiences of a Second-Generation Migrant Chef - Nanphun Srakhunthod
  • 16:00-16:30 OFFICIAL CLOSING Closing Remarks and Topic for 2024 - Máirtín Mac Con Iomaire

    ***The timetable was updated on 19 May 2022***