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5-6-2012 12:00 AM


This title offers a synopsis of a PhD study entitled “Food, culture and decision-making: implications for the food supply chain in Northern Ireland”. The study consists of four projects linked to the stages of the life cycle; a childhood study with 8 to 11 year old children using both image-based research and an age-appropriate questionnaire; an adolescence study using computer-based questioning; an adulthood study exploring consumer typologies using Logit models; and an elderly study of in-depth interviews, creating personal narratives of life and food. Results have revealed how Northern Ireland’s food culture is characterised by change. Traditional food practices have both disappeared and endured and culturally novel food practices have emerged and continue to evolve. This dynamic food culture promotes gastronomy in Northern Ireland, one that involves more than daily consumption of potatoes, cabbage, soups and stews.


Jun 5th, 12:00 AM

Northern Ireland Food Culture: Moving Beyond Spuds