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Information science (social aspects)

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In T. Issa, P. Iasaís & P. Kommers (Eds.), Information Systems and Technology for Organizations in a Networked Society (pp. 1-16). Hershey PA: IGI Global.


Children are important subjects of information society policy, particularly in the context of digital learning opportunities and e-inclusion. However, their participation is also a cause of concern and anxiety for policy makers. With ever-earlier adoption of new internet technologies and services by children, concerns arise as to how to ensure adequate protection whilst seeking to encourage and foster online opportunities. A delicate balancing act is required to manage risks while promoting better participation in e-society. To better inform this policy field, EU Kids Online conducted a pan-European survey of children’s use of the internet, resulting in the first fully comparable evidence base of children’s use of the internet in 25 European countries. Drawing on its findings, this chapter examines children’s participation in e-society from the point of digital skills, opportunities as well as concerns about the internet. The chapter argues for greater attention to children’s perspectives on e-society, as a means of fostering greater online trust and participation.