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Coating and films, Composites, Biomaterials, Nano-materials, Food and beverages, Biomaterials

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Journal- Food Chemistry

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With an increasing demand for a novel, eco-friendly, high-performance packaging material “bio-nanocomposites” has attracted great attention in recent years. The review article aims at to evaluating recent innovation in bio-nanocomposites for food packaging applications. The current trends and research over the last three years of the various bio-nanocomposites including inorganic, organic nanomaterials, and nanohybrids, which are suitable as food packaging materials due to their advanced properties such as high mechanical, thermal, barrier, antimicrobial, and antioxidant are described in detail. In addition, the legislation, migration studies, and SWOT analysis on bio-nanocomposite film have been discussed. It has been observed that the multifunctional properties of the bio-nanocomposite materials, has the potential to improve the quality and safety of the food together with no /or fewer negative impact on the environment. However, more studies need to be performed on bionanocomposite materials to determine the migration levels and formulate relevant legislation.



Technological University Dublin