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Research commissioned by researchers at University College Dublin (UCD) and Technological University Dublin (TUD) with Immigrant Council of Ireland as external collaborators. The project itself was the result of a research grant by Irish Research Council under the Collaborative Alliances for Societal Challenges theme.


Over the years there has been an increased amount of immigration into Ireland leading to the formation of a multicultural society. More recently however immigration has become a controversial issue within Ireland leading to growing anti-immigrant sentiment and political conflict (Costa, 2023) reported as early as 2018 in a report by Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and Economic & Social Research Institute (McGinnity, Grotti, Russell, Fahey, et al., 2018). This project aims to provide a comprehensive analysis of the factors behind such sentiment and its consequences by means of collecting comprehensive data on it and performing a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the data.



Irish Research Council

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