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Media and socio-cultural communication

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This project was undertaken by Hana Hudakova in collaboration with LEANBH, supervised by Brenda Dermody. This research and design project was completed by Hana as part of her BA (Hons) Design (Visual Communications


The need for a constitutional referendum to address the issue of children’s rights and child protection has been the subject of ongoing debate and discussion within the child care sector for a number of years. As far back as 1989 the ISPCC in its Centenary Charter identified the possible need for a constitutional referendum to ensure children were extended the same rights as adults. My task was to create campaign guidelines for the constitutional referendum – Yes for kids. The logo was based and made as a potatoe stamp. It consists of two parts - kids face and tick symbol - tick as saying “yes“ and also putting smile on childs face. Because charity doesn’t have money to print new stationery the ideas was to create a set of stamps to stamp existing stationery during the referendum campaign.