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Media and socio-cultural communication

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  1. This project was undertaken by Frank O'Reilly in collaboration with the Irish Society for Quality and Safety in Healthcare, and was supervised by Deirdre Lawless. This research was completed by Frank as part of his M.Sc. in Computing (Knowledge Management).


The focus of this research is e-Learning and Knowledge Management and the synergies between them. While they are both very distinct and different domains, they share the twin goals of delivering personal advancement and improving performance through the acquisition of new skills. They both set about to achieve these goals by means of knowledge sharing and knowledge transfer. However, both disciplines suffer from poor reputations due to low success rates – sometimes perceived, but often real. In particular, e-Learning has failed to live up to the promise it was said to show when it emerged as the successor to Computer-Based Training in the late 1990s. Organisations that embarked on extensive e-Learning programs have often failed to see a return on their investment in the form of performance improvements of those they trained. From the learners’ perspective, e- Learning has often failed to engage, or to deliver the outcomes and personal advancement they expected. This research aims to address the poor success rate of on-line learning by specifically examining the transfer of knowledge in the context of e-Learning solutions. It will do so by means of an experiment that will examine whether techniques from the world of Knowledge Management can be employed in the area of e-Learning to improve the learning outcomes, leading to a higher rate of personal advancement and performance improvement on the part of the learner.

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