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The global demographic landscape is experiencing a notable shift, characterised by a growing proportion of adults over 60. According to projections, the proportion of individuals aged 60 and above is expected to reach one-sixth of the global population by 2030. Furthermore, by 2050, this demographic is projected to exceed a staggering two billion people. Amidst this shift, there is an urgent need to develop interactive and innovative solutions to address older adults' unique challenges, particularly in outdoor physical activity.

A co-design methodology involving older adults’ participation from the idea generation to the application development process will be adopted to address these challenges. For the initial study, twenty-four older adults were recruited to participate in four focus groups to explore their perceptions and experiences about their physical activity routines. The focus groups’ workshop data will be used to ideate initial design ideas for the proposed physical web interface.

The outcomes seek to harness the synergy of web technology and physical installations to create an engaging and accessible outdoor environment for older adults. This study aspires to offer a scalable and replicable model for other communities, contributing to the broader academic and social discourse on age-friendly urban design and technology-enabled active ageing.

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Older adults, Physical Web approach, participatory design, co-design, smart cities


Computer Engineering | Computer Sciences | Electrical and Electronics | Graphics and Human Computer Interfaces


Dr. Damon Berry, Dr. Emma Murphy


First Annual Teaching and Research Showcase 2023


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Co-design of an Interactive Wellness Park: Exploring Design Requirements for a Multimodal Outdoor Physical Web Installation with Older Adults


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