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Master thesis


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Submitted to the School of Business, TU Dublin, in fulfilment of the requirements leading to the award of Master of Philosophy, August 2022


This research focuses on understanding and enhancing the educational practice towards using pedagogies like transformative learning to enhance graduate employability at a new technological university, TU Dublin, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It was found that teaching practice depends significantly on the lecturer, the discipline area, the graduate skills that are sought after in each module and discipline, and the context of the delivery. The PAGE (Pedagogy Assisting Graduate Employability) framework developed from this research, aims to visualise the connection between the teaching process, pedagogy, and graduate employability. Application of the framework will offer insight into how each unique lecturer shapes their own teaching in their context and how development towards pedagogy-based teaching can be further enhanced and encouraged.

Four focus groups with lecturers and documentary analysis of books of modules were undertaken across a purposefully selected sample that included a range of disciplines and university campuses to further understand current teaching practice. The PAGE educational framework visualises the connection between lecturer-based pedagogies, such as transformative learning, and student-based graduate employability. A first draft framework was evaluated by lecturers with an affinity for educational development, to result in more insight into the application and possibility to embed and use the framework in day-to-day teaching practice. A second version of the PAGE framework was developed, and alignment was sought with local, national, and international educational policy and directions and plans towards the development of education.




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Master thesis