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Master thesis


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Transport planning and social aspects of transport

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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) to the Technological University Dublin, March, 2004.


The thesis reviews international literature in the area of sustainable urban transport. Extensive use is made of industry reports and statistical information compiled by Irish public bodies. In turn, this data is supplemented by fieldwork, namely communication with, and study visits to meet, experts in three German cities - Bonn, Cologne and Munich - while a detailed case study is made of rail tunnelling in Madrid, with expert knowledge provided by Professor Melis, project leader of the Madrid metro expansion. Cost data from Madrid is compared with estimates for proposed underground rail lines in Dublin. Drawing on the literature and Madrid case study preliminary findings are compiled. A business survey methodology know as Delphi is then employed with Irish experts. The thesis outlines the Delphi process and details its operations in the instant case. An overwhelming theme that emerges is the need in the short term for greater bus corridor investment as an efficient and effective means of augmenting the public transport network in Dublin. The thesis also outlines key frameworks and measures to justify metro investment over the coming years.


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Master thesis