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Successfully submitted for the award of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) to the Technological University Dublin, September, 2006.


This research features both theoretical and empirical work underlining the potential value of marketing to contribute to commercial performance. The theory draws from those authors who have been predominant in promoting the concept of a market orientation as an antecedent to organisational success. The marketing culture paradigm is introduced and developed to specifically consider the area of services marketing. The empirical investigation concludes that there is an acknowledged appreciation of the value of a market oriented culture, particularly at senior levels of organisation, and that a market-oriented culture can be said to be associated with market shareholding and to a lesser extent business type. However there is variation as to what aspects of marketing are valued in service companies. While there are a number of broadly based, customer-oriented metrics by which a market culture might be identified, as a mechanism for strategic competitive advantage, a market-oriented culture and its commensurate values are not reflected in company accounts.


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