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Theses, Ph.D


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Business and Management.

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A thesis submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Doctor of Philosophy to Technological University Dublin, 2012.


Several theoretical contributions are highlighted; firstly that employee environmental stimuli construct contained five sub-factors, these were termed, E-design, E-music, E-lighting, E-olfaction and E-layout. This highlights the complexities of the environmental stimuli for employees. Furthermore this research found a significant direct link between employee environmental stimuli and employee satisfaction. Considering the literature examining the effects of environmental stimuli on employee behaviour is astonishingly scant (Skandrani et al., 2011), this is an important contribution to several literature streams. Secondly, examining a global configuration of the environmental stimuli can provide a fuller framework for understanding and exploring customer and employee behavioural responses. In particular, customer environmental stimuli should be examined as a multidimensional construct, consisting of five sub-factors, Design, Music, Lighting, Olfaction and Layout. In addition, as the environmental stimuli construct is found to be separate from service quality and serves as an antecedent to service quality; this is a significant contribution to the debate surrounding the multidimensionality of the service quality construct.