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Organisation Theory

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11 th international Conference on Organizational Discourse, Cardiff, 2014.


The central objective of the research upon which this paper draws is to establish how technological, economic and socio-cultural change has impacted the structures, roles and processes of the Irish Advertising Industry. Institutional theory provides the central theoretical framework. The research takes an interpretivist, constructionist and inductivist perspective and employs the methodological approach of discourse analysis to explore how institutions are being shaped and arguably changed by social actors. It draws on a growing body of literature which suggests that language is central to the structuring of organisations. The empirical data and its fine-grained analysis has begun to reveal the ways that social actors are engaged in shaping the institution of advertising in Ireland in response to economic and technological change. New logics are emerging, although there is also some resistance from traditional agencies, particularly those working within the creative sphere. The research also enables us to examine the ways that new structures are emerging. Central to these processes are the active configuration of new roles which combine traditional creativity with technological skill – one such emergent role is that of the “creative technologist”.