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ISIS Report 6 Making the Number of Options Grow. Contributions to the Corporate Responsibility Research Conference 2013 edited by Baumgarter, R.J., Gelbmann, U., Rauter, R.


To answer the question of how organisations should communicate effectively their sustainability and CSR claims, this paper adopts a broadened integrative approach. It proposes a model to identify and assess the linkages and relationships between the management of sustainability/CSR – in particular, the stage of a firm’s adoption of sustainability/CSR principles and practice – and the type and approach of marketing and corporate communications most appropriate and efficacious for this stage. The paper identifies the substantial body of work currently available on the management and communication of sustainability/CSR. Further, it highlights the importance of understanding the ethical and philosophical underpinnings of the various types and levels of embrace, and promotion, of sustainability/CSR. Thinking holistically becomes key in finding a solution.



Irish Research Council