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This case was prepared by Dr. Thomas M. Cooney as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either the effective or ineffective handling of a business situation. The case was first published in the report " The Working Partnership:SMEs and Biodiversity" by Dickson et al (2007) The case was written as part of the EU funded Probioprise project which was undertaken by Fauna and Flora International, EFMD and the European Bureau for Conservation and Development.


The past decade had seen a dramatic decline in the regional economy along the west coast of the Greece as agriculture faded and few incentives existed for manufacturing companies to locate there given its relatively poor infrastructure. Since the long-established Greek strength of tourism was still focused on the islands and in areas where large natural beaches offered holidaymakers the opportunity to lay out in the glorious Mediterranean sunshine, this region of barren land and traditional lifestyle offered little to entice the modern tourist. Despite this pessimistic background, Nikos Anagnopoulos stood on the deck of the small boat that had pulled alongside his fish farm and talked enthusiastically to his E.U. visitors about the potential for aquaculture in Greece.




EU Probioprise Project