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This case was prepared by Dr. Thomas M. Cooney as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either the effective or ineffective handling of a business situation. An earlier version was first published in Cooney, T.M (ed).: Irish Cases in Entrepreneurship. Dublin Blackhall, 2005.


Standing outside a pub, Billy Barrett and Martin Murphy faithfully obeyed the no smoking ban that was now a feature of the Irish social scene. As they smoked their cigarettes, they discussed the singer/songwriter who played inside the premises that they stood against so nonchalantly. The gig was enjoying a great reception, with the crowd enthusiastically applauding the eclectic mix of blues, rock, and traditional music. ‘Well, Billy, how would fancy starting a record company?’ asked Martin, as if it was not really a challenge. ‘The singer playing inside wants to record a CD but she has no label. I reckon that if we could put the money together, we could sign her up as our first artist and expand slowly as we learn about the industry. We could start it as a hobby and then see where it takes us.