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Duffy, M. F., & O’Rourke, B. K. (2012b). Building a Systems View of Strategic Discourse across Organizational Meetings In C. Reed, T. Keenoy, C. Oswick, I. Sabelis, S. Ybema, N. Beech, C. Hardy & R. Thomas (Eds.), Organizational Discourse: Processes, Practices and Performance (pp. 54-57). London: KMCP.


The purpose of this paper is to explore and expand the theoretical resources available to conceptualise organisational strategy meetings as a ‘system’, rather than as singular strategic events or episodes.

The paper begins by reviewing the Meetings literature to explore the existing theoretical guidance on conceptualising meetings as a collective and integrated set of activities, rather than as singular events in isolation of each other. The Systems literature is reviewed to identify concepts which may be adopted to enable a systematised view of meetings. The central focus of the paper is to explore the theoretical ways through which organisations’ meetings could be conceptualised as an integrated ‘system of meetings’, rather than as single events. An outline of the empirical data source is then provided, along with the methodology adopted to record and analyse the data.