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Published in Knowledge Management Research & Practice journal:

Ahmed Ramy, Jenni Floody, Mohamed A. F. Ragab & Amr Arisha (2018) A scientometric analysis of Knowledge Management Research and Practice literature: 2003–2015, Knowledge Management Research & Practice, 16:1, 66-77, DOI: 10.1080/14778238.2017.1405776


The purpose of this paper is to explore the current research trends in Knowledge Management (KM) through a scientometric analysis of all literature published in KMRP between 2003 and 2015 (506 articles). The review framework explores three sets of review questions addressing Research Productivity, Research Themes and Methods, and Citation Analysis. The study elucidates wide global interest in KM and an increasing trend towards multi-author collaboration. Although more than 55 different industries have featured in the journal, certain knowledge-intensive sectors remain underrepresented. Country productivity shows few nations taking the lead with an interesting correlation between research activity and economic prosperity. Moreover, a growing tendency towards empirical methods is observed in contrast to a decrease in literature review papers, coupled with a recent rise in articles that integrate KM and Information Technology (IT). In terms of citation and influences, few published articles have stood out in the journal’s history. This is the first comprehensive scientometric research of KMRP describes the state-of-the-art value and provides an outlook of the future.