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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering, Municipal and structural engineering, Architectural design


The Digital Standards pillar consists of industry experts who champion the benefits of common rules, guidelines, and workflows that facilitate the improvement of information flow and information management across asset life cycles. Digital standards provide a common language that can be translated to technical specifications enabling clients, designers, contractors, and facilities managers, irrespective of their preferred tools, to communicate efficiently and reduce cost, rework, and disputes. Working closely with the Digital Procurement and Digital Education and Training pillars, this pillar is developing and delivering Irish Information Management/BIM (Digital Construction) guidelines for the sector.

This report summarises existing digital construction standards, guidance documents, and templates. The objectives of this report are:

  1. To identify digital construction standards and supporting resources available to the industry.

  1. To create a grading system for the reviewed digital construction standards and documents based on their relevance to the Irish sector.

The methodology of this report and tool consisted of desk research into digital construction standards and supporting documents found both online and in the standards database. A spreadsheet was developed as a tool for identifying relevant standards and, in particular, their relevance to Build Digital. Each document found in this research was recorded, reviewed, and graded based on the scoring system created for this report and tool. Standards and documentation deemed most important were graded with ‘recommended’. This tool is intended to be flexible should new standards be published, or a change is required to an existing standard.



Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform (PENDR)

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