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Civil engineering, Architecture engineering, Construction engineering, Municipal and structural engineering, Architectural design


In order to inform the Digital Leadership and Cultural Change pillar of the Build Digital, a study of international best practice in digital adoption within the built environment sector globally was undertaken and is presented here-in. In order to identify key learnings for Ireland in the context of digital transformation, eight countries were included in this study, namely, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom (UK), New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. These countries were selected for various reasons, including the level of digital maturity, the scale of the built environment sector and geographic spread. Key data for each country is included to allow context comparison with Ireland in terms of the economy and scale of the construction industry. A common characteristic of all is the large number of SMEs that operate within the built environment context; consequently, the digital transformation of the sector will need to be cognisant of the many actors in the sector.



Department of Public Expenditure, NDP Delivery and Reform (PENDR)

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