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“Advancing Raman microspectroscopy for cellular and subcellular analysis: Towards in vitro high content spectralomic analysis”, Hugh J. Byrne, Franck Bonnier, Alan Casey, Marcus Maher, Jennifer McIntyre, Esen Efeoglu, Zeineb Farhane, Applied Optics, 57, (22) E11-E19 (2018)


In the confocal mode, Raman microspectroscopy can profile the biochemical content of biological cells at a subcellular level, and any changes to it by exogenous agents, such as therapeutic drugs or toxicants. As an exploration of the potential of the technique as a high content, label free analysis technique, this report reviews work to monitor the spectroscopic signatures associated with the uptake and response pathways of commercial chemotherapeutic agents and polymeric nanoparticles by human lung cells. It is demonstrated that the signatures are reproducible and characteristic of the cellular event, and can be used, for example, to identify the mode of action of the agent as well as the subsequent cell death pathway, and even mechanisms of cellular resistance. Data mining approaches are discussed and a spectralomics approach is proposed.