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International Archives of Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing, 2008, XXI ISPRS Congress, 3-11 Jul 2008 Beijing, China, Volume XXXVII-B6a


This paper describes the implementation of an experimental method of delivery for a module of remote sensing material to second year students on the BSc (Hons) in Geomatics at the Dublin Institute of Technology. The project began as a reaction to poor levels of student engagement and unsatisfactory grades, as well as the requirement to focus more on real-world type problems due to the implementation of a work-placement semester for third year students. Both pedagogical considerations (movement towards formative feedback, interactivity and group-based work) and the effect of technological drivers, such as the popularity of the internet in general and Web 2.0 tools in particular, led to the design of a two-part project where students engaged in group-work and individual research to explore remote sensing and close range photogrammetry concepts. The students found the new delivery and assessment to be generally successful with 78% recommending that the new format should be retained for future delivery. However, both the students and the lecturer involved envisage a number of changes, particularly in relation to group size and time management, for future deliveries.