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Cashflow is very important to any construction business and its effective management is a key function of quantity surveyors. This study explains the administrative procedures and components involved in compiling valuations for the various Architect’s Certificates / Employer’s Representatives certificates required under the RIAI (2002) Standard Form of Building Contract and the Public Works Contract for Building Works Designed by the Employer (2007). The study discusses how the contractor may recover full reimbursement as allowed for under the two contracts, and describes the steps the consultants should take to ensure the client’s position is safeguarded.

The argument suggests that the operation of the payments clause of a building contract is probably the single most important task that a quantity surveyor performs during the contract period. The study shows how the various Certificates are the vehicles by which vital cashflow is advanced to contractors for the smooth operation of their business. Payment is the most contentious issue in a building contract and late payment, underpayment, or indeed non-payment seriously strains or ruins smooth working relationships on site. Quantity surveyors representing both the Employer and Contractor must therefore be mindful of the importance of this task and act professionally to properly administer this vital duty.

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