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Theses, Masters


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2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Construction engineering

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Submitted as a final Masters Thesis on the MSc. Quantity Surveying Programme, University of Salford, Manchester, United Kingdom.



This dissertation seeks to examine the ability of the quantity surveyor to measure mechanical and electrical bills of quantities under the Irish Public Works Contracts using the Agreed Rules of Measurement 4. The study uses the opinions and perspectives of a broad range of industry stakeholders to identify barriers and drivers which will facilitate this change.

A mixed methodology research method incorporating both quantitative and qualitative research methods was used. A literature review covers relevant research in the field of the Public Works Contracts, the use of bills of quantities and specialist sub-contractors. The results of an unreported survey carried out by the CIF gives insight into current tendering practices in the mechanical and electrical services sector, whilst semi structured interviews with industry stakeholders provides a balanced overview.

The research highlights the benefit of the amendments will broadly produce while focusing on the benefits to the mechanical and electrical sector. The main barrier however is the lack of technical knowledge of the quantity surveyor which all parties believe to be a major issue.

Based on the research the author makes a number of recommendations relating to the review of the ARM4 (including Supplement 2), the need for the academic institutions to work with industry in relation to further education and the encouragement of collaboration between design team members. Further research is suggested in relation to the development of BIM protocols and collaborative tools.