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Architecture engineering, Construction engineering


Construction contract administration concerns the effective execution of construction contracts. The primary objectives of the individual appointed to administer a building contract typically include delivering the project safely, to the specified quality standards, on time, and within the employer’s budgetary constraints. The administrator’s task is to orchestrate and motivate the various designers and constructors to deliver the best possible performance both individually and as members of the team. This study has investigates the contribution made by the contract administrator in administering construction projects and outlines the decision-making, advisory and information roles undertaken by the contract administrator in the context of the RIAI ‘Yellow’ and PW-CF1 Forms of Contract and examines how the contract administrator may contribute to the achievement of the primary project objectives.

This study is primarily addressed to Irish students undertaking undergraduate and conversion masters courses in quantity surveying and construction management disciplines. The discussion aims to enable readers to form an appreciation of the importance of the role of contract administrator in delivering successful construction projects.