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Architecture engineering, Construction engineering


This paper is a companion to Section A – General Rules of the Agreed Rules of Measurement 4th Edition (2009) and is provided as a guide to help better understanding of ARM4 and to clarify its contents. It is hoped that it may remove some of the disagreements which can arise on construction projects due to differences of interpretation.

The paper follows the ARM sequence, stating the rules first and following these with notes and commentaries on the various provisions. Some items contained within the ARM are self-explanatory, and therefore require no further comment. Explanations are generally by text and, where appropriate, by illustration. While this paper attempts to clarify and explain various items in the ARM: it does not seek to override the ARM or any of its provisions.

This paper is the first in a series covering the various sections of ARM4. It is addressed to quantity surveying and construction practitioners as well as students undertaking courses in these disciplines.


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