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Decision-making is a key aspect of contract administration, and includes duties such as certification. This process requires the contract administrator to exercise judgement on various matters arising from the performance of the contract. In theRepublicofIreland, the principle forms of main contract are the Royal Institution of Architects in Ireland (RIAI) ‘Yellow Form’ for private sector work and the Government Construction Contracts Committee (GCCC) Public Works Contract for public sector contracts. These contracts require the contract administrator to issue certain certificates. This study identifies these certificates and explains the relevance of each.

The discussion describes the characteristics of certificates and examined whether liabilities may arise from their issue. The purpose, relevance and implications of the various certificates are explained. The study reveals that certificates are issued to provide cashflow, and to mark various routine and non-routine events which may, or may not, arise on a contract. Certificates are indicated to be conditions precedent to various duties such as payment and, with the exception of aspects of final certificates, are generally non-conclusive in nature.

The study is intended as an aid to Irish students undertaking undergraduate and conversion masters courses in quantity surveying and construction management related disciplines.

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