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Technical report published by Construction IT Alliance (CitA), 2017.


The Construction IT Alliance (CitA) has been promoting the benefits of digitisation in the construction and engineering industry in Ireland since its formation back in 2002. Whilst the Alliance has always strived to ensure that its members are exposed to a wide spectrum of contemporary digital tools and processes, the concept of Building Information Modelling (BIM) has dominated the focus of its activities over the past five years.

BIM can be described as a digital tool that facilitates everybody to better understand a building or structure through the use of a digital model which draws on a range of data assembled within that model collaboratively, before during and after construction.

In January 2016, CitA secured two years of funding from Enterprise Ireland to manage Ireland’s BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP). This subsequently led to Enterprise Ireland requesting that CitA act as the secretariat to the National BIM Council (NBC) of Ireland.

An explicit ingredient of the BICP involves conducting a comprehensive literature review of global BIM adoption initiatives, with a particular focus on successful enablers in international regions. This report seeks to carry out the first phase of this work by examining at a relatively high level, the adoption of BIM in particular international regions where BIM is currently a requirement or is likely to be a requirement in the near future.

Whilst there are a suite of noteworthy publications referenced in this report, a more comprehensive review is not scheduled to be completed until September 2017. The ultimate aim of the study is to investigate the “state of the art” and to gauge the maturity of BIM adoption internationally.

The world of BIM is a complex one and coupled with a requirement to carry out a comprehensive literature review it is a challenging prospect to capture accurately the status of BIM across the world at this time. What is evident within this report is the signifi cant adoption of BIM by Governments throughout the world

Whilst globally respected publications like the McGraw Hill Construction SmartMarket Report in 2014 The Business Value of BIM for Construction in Global Markets (McGraw Hill, 2014a) and the NBS International BIM Report in 2016 (NBS, 2016) are specifi cally referred to, this report will mainly focus on evidence of regulated BIM, key champions and noteworthy publications within each of the chosen countries.

The key output of this report is to learn from our international colleagues as Ireland progresses with the development of its national BIM programme in 2017.



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