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Train the Trainer Module developed as part of the UNECE Toolkit for Capacity Building of PPP in Transition and Developing Economies International Conference on Public-Private partnerships, 2007


This module concentrates on the issues important to those who will be setting up PPPs and who are involved in government at a regional or municipal level.

The module is centred on five tasks, namely:

  • How to identify PPP opportunities and to find the best private sector partners for a PPP;
  • How to organize a PPP programme within a government by enhancing cooperation amongst the relevant departments and ministries, local, regional and national authorities;
  • How to be an effective manager and leader in a dynamic PPP unit;
  • How to engage public support for PPPs;
  • How to use international instruments to increase investor confidence.

Each task is treated as a section in its own right. Each section begins by identifying the relevant learning outcomes to be achieved in terms of the specific skills to be developed and the knowledge that is to be gained. The training commences by presenting an outline of the relevant knowledge, drawn from an extensive literature review of PPP projects in the UK, Canada, Australia and mainland Europe. In addition, lessons learned from in-depth research of early PPP projects in the Republic of Ireland are drawn upon.

Solutions to the issues that are central to each section, which have been developed and refined in these markets, are identified. Each section ends with a proposal of a training activity that will develop the skills for the section.