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Construction engineering, *training

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CIB International Conference on Building Education and Research - Building Resilience, Heritance Kandalama, Sri Lanka, 11th – 15th February 2008


The objective of this paper is to examine the changes in training needs arising from the increase of off-site construction in the Republic of Ireland. The methodology employed was a case study using a participant observation research technique. For a period of three weeks, the researcher observed the construction of residential housing, constructed using off-site techniques. From the practices observed and from interviews with the operatives on-site, an account of the differences in skills required between those employed in traditional construction and off-site construction was compiled. Each of the different trades involved in traditional construction was addressed and a comprehensive list of the skills training gaps was compiled. The paper examines the implications of the existence of these gaps in training and makes recommendations for corrective action to be taken by the relevant education and training policy makers.