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Proceedings of the ICERI 2010 Conference, Hotel Melia Castilla, Madrid. November 15 – 17, 2010. CD ISBN: 978-84-614-2439-9


Providing feedback on revision papers provided to a group of Phase 6 apprentice painters and decorators brought concerns regarding the approach to learning of this group of advanced apprentices. Correcting these papers indicated a large degree of confusion and incorrect answers on the paper. It appeared that the gilding module was not being understood at a conceptual level. Recitation of facts was not a problem but the linking together of different aspects of gilding was not happening. Specifically, the concern was that the students were engaging in a surface approach to learning which could be detrimental and that I may have unwittingly contributed to this approach. The provision of revision papers, in an effort to assist learning and revision, may have contributed to the perceived tendency for surface learning by focusing on stand alone facts and being short answer questions. As a result of a process of investigation and research the format of my lectures changed in an effort to foster a more conceptual or deep approach to learning. These changes included moving the lecture out of the classroom and moving towards an interchange of information rather than a delivery of facts and information. The changes implemented on this module indicate a better understanding of the module content while also helping to improve my own teaching methods.