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6th International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, EDULEARN14, Barcelona (SPAIN), 7th, 8th and 9th of July, 2014.


Building measurement has its roots on the construction site not in the classroom. As a result of this it is a subject which is better taught in a practical manner, rather like an apprenticeship. Many students entering the course, whether as standard entry or as mature students, will have had little or no exposure to building measurement as carried out by the quantity surveyor unless they have had some experience of working with a quantity surveyor. As a result students may find the initial learning process very intense. The maths used are relatively simplistic. Building measurement is about analysing the construction of the structure in order to determine the key components, establishing the quantity of materials required for each component and then formatting this information in a way which is easily understood by all parties within the process. The main purpose of my project is to investigate whether the introduction of screen-cast tutorial videos as an extension of the existing virtual leaning environment (VLE) will benefit the students. These videos will be produced with mobile technology in mind. It is envisaged that students will use smart phones, tablets and laptops etc. to access these resources at their own convenience. The objective is to produce a free learning aid specific to the subject which can be viewed by the students in their own time, repeatedly and in various locations as required.