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2.1 CIVIL ENGINEERING, Construction engineering

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CEEC General Assembly Brussels 25-27 April 2013


The original Value Engineering process developed in North America in the late 1940‟s, was primarily based on functional analysis. However; the North American Value Engineering process was not adopted in Europe. Instead various mixed methods were assembled under the umbrella term of Value Management. Nowadays there is much debate about what Value Engineering is and how is it defined? This question arises in part due to there being no standard approach in Europe as a whole in undertaking ValueManagement or Value Engineering exercises.With this in mind, Masters level research was undertaken from three perspectives (theory, case study and industry). The research revealed in consistencies between the theoretical perspective and the two other perspectives. To address these inconsistencies; it is proposed that perhaps, it is now time to revert to the original North American Value Engineering process of function analysis, with the addition of the constraints triangle (time, cost, quality). Perhaps this is the best starting point in developing as standard approach to the Value Engineering process in Europe. To understand if these inconsistencies are Europe wide or unique to the Irish market, the author intends to undertake PhD research with his present employer Ferrovial Agroman, on a Cross Rail contract in the UK.