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Construction engineering

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CIB:W78:27th International Conference,2012,Cairo,Egypt.


The construction industry has been traditionally recognised as a fragmented sector associated with a poor level of implementation and penetration of Information Communication Technology (ICT) by Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs). Cloud computing is a collective term that can facilitate the ability to collaborate within a central repository that can act as a base for interoperability between various construction disciplines and their software applications. Cloud computing is a new layer of internet architecture that creates an open opportunity to add better functionality to an increasingly global network. The characteristics of cloud computing, such as, shared infrastructure, on-demand applications, elasticity and consumption-based pricing, allows all disciplines in the sector to benefit. This paper will present the findings of a survey carried out by the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) in Ireland, as to the drivers, barriers and preferred procurement options for delivery of cloud computing services within the construction SME market in Ireland