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Construction engineering

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CIB:W102:3rd International Conference, Stuggart, Germany


The tendering process predominantly adopted in the Irish construction industry is largely paper-dependent. However, the increase in the availability of high speed Information Communications Technology (ICT) has meant that construction consultants can disseminate this information more cost effectively in an electronic format. The aim of this paper is to present a status report on an industry-led network project currently being undertaken by the Construction Information Technology Alliance (CITA) in Ireland. This project aims to demonstrate how greater effectiveness and efficiency can be applied to the tendering process by the application of ICT already used widely in other industries. The status report outlines the approach taken in the project, the difficulties encountered, the solutions adopted and the steps to be taken to bring about wide-scale adoption of the technology. The project will specifically focus on the exchange of data between network members by quantifying the inefficiencies in current processes and by demonstrating the benefits to be won through a live eTendering project. The paper will not just focus on how to improve this paper-orientated process but will also compare the work of CITA with several other approaches under development globally by different research groups.