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EDULEARN 2011, Barcelona, Spain, July 4-6,2011


This paper investigates Technological University of Dublin’s (DIT) ‘’ created for DIT with Blackboard Learning System software as an effective e-learning tool on a module in the School of Real Estate and Construction Economics in DIT. is an e-learning platform providing support and assistance to both lecturers and students as part of their daily teaching and learning experience. Webcourses as it is known in DIT is both a course management system for lecturers and a computer assisted learning and assessment tool for students. Prior to using the system class content was delivered by presenting electronic slides in class and subsequently presentations and related reading material were e-mailed to the students. Assignments including project submission dates were also handed out in class and then e-mailed. Problems existed with this type of course delivery. Some students did not receive course notes as they did not check college e-mail or were not registered on the e-mail system. Occasionally students did not receive notes and assignments due to non attendance, improper record keeping and poor transcription. This research demonstrates the application of the system and how to harvest e-learning technologies such as Webcourses for effective teaching, quality management, formative assessment and feedback. The paper outlines the findings of the study and compares the use of the system to the original approach on the module. The findings of this paper reveal that Webcourses has helped the lecturer in course management, assessment and support in enhancing interactions for learning. In delivering the module the study suggests the system’s best use is not as a substitute to traditional lecturers and tutorials but rather an aid to the student and teacher for effective communication, administration and delivery.