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Construction engineering

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ECPPM 2008:eWork and eBusiness in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Conference, Paris, France.


The current methods of ordering, delivering and invoicing of materials in the construction in-dustry is enormously inefficient, with vast quantities of paperwork, duplication of effort, scanning, re-keying and resolving mismatches between invoices, delivery dockets and purchase orders. The objective of this pa-per is to set out the progress that is being made by the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) in Ireland to support the implementation of eCommerce in the Irish construction industry. The authors will present the result of a pilot project in 2006 which demonstrated that the technology necessary for implementing an electronic supply chain exists and could be deployed successfully in the construction industry. The authors also outline the ex-pected results following the recent setting up of a dedicated eCommerce group by CITA to provide independ-ent advice and support to the members that are embarking on implementing eCommerce. An additional ex-pected result outlined by the authors includes the implementation of a standard data pool to facilitate the interoperable exchange of product codes between trading partners