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Construction engineering, Business and Management.

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Proceedings of the 35th Annual ARCOM Conference, 2-4 September 2019, Leeds, UK


Rapid technological changes and market fluctuations create a turbulent business environment that poses significant challenges to the strategy process of Quantity Surveying (QS) firms. A turbulent environment refers to the existence of high levels of uncertainty, unpredictability, volatile demand and changing growth conditions within an industry. The strategy process is complex and becomes more problematic in the face of a turbulent business environment. To date, studies focusing on QS practices seldom investigate the impact of a rapidly changing environment on the strategy process within these firms. This study aims to address this gap by investigating the impact of environmental turbulence on the strategy process and strategic choices made within Irish QS firms. This paper presents findings from the first of a two-phase data collection process, which adopts a quantitative approach based on data collected from a survey of senior management in Irish QS firms. The paper provides insight into the characteristics of the strategy process of QS practices operating in a turbulent business environment and outlines strategic choices made at the top management level of these practices. The paper contributes by identifying the impact of turbulent business environment on the strategy process of QS practices.