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Architecture engineering, Construction engineering

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51st ASC Annual International Conference Proceedings at Texas A&M


The construction industry is one of the oldest internationalized economic sectors dating back more than 100 years. The role of construction site manager or superintendent is one of the most important contributing to project success. In 2013 the authors utilized mixed methods research to determine which Site Manager competencies and attributes were most important for project success in Ireland. These data were compared to a 2010 research project in the United States which used a similar survey to identify construction Superintendents’ competencies and attributes required forsuccess. Forty-two competencies and attributes were identified and ranked in order of importance. Comparing data gathered in both studies indicates that there is no statistically significant difference in the ranking of 31 of the competencies and attributes required for construction site manager and superintendent success. The number one ranked competency for Superintendent success in the United States and Site Manager Success in Ireland is the “Ability to Plan Ahead”. Having a “Strong Work Ethic” was ranked number three in both countries. Five competencies and attributes were significantly more important for a superintendent’s success in the United States, and sixcompetencies and attributes were significantly more important for a Site Managers’ success in Ireland.