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13th International Postgraduate Research Conference in the Built Environment.


Since the Economic Collapse of 2008 much discussion and analysis of the role of ethics in the financial sector in Ireland has occurred. However little if any of this focus has been on the real estate profession. The purpose of this paper is to examine how the Irish Real Estate Profession deals with the issue of ethics. How has this relationship evolved over time? Has the Irish political context influenced the approach to ethics on a societal level and has this fed into the profession’s approach? The role of ethics education is also examined in current Irish real estate qualifications, Property Services Regulatory Authority license requirements and the various professional body membership requirements.

The first phase of this research project has addressed the underpinning and background research literature on this topic. The evidence indicates that the Irish Real Estate Profession relies on a self-regulation approach to ethics in line with global RICS Standards. The literature review indicates that very little data exists on complaints and reprimands. Ethics forms a tokenistic element of education for the profession and in continued professional development. The issue of “whistle-blowers” is also a complex one in an Irish context and is currently being debated at a national level.



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