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Construction engineering, Other engineering and technologies, Economics, *training

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Proceedings of the Seventh Research Conference of the International Network for Innovative Apprenticeships (INAP) 2-3 October, 2017


The Irish economy is currently experiencing a recovery phase following a ‘lost decade’ of growth due to the severe economic downturn of 2007. While the construction industry in Ireland is recording increased output, and improving rates of employment, in the vital economic and labour market sector of apprenticeship there is a significant lack of engagement. Without employer buy-in to apprenticeship training, there exists potential future skills gaps and lack of efficacy of the construction industry. This increasingly likely possibility is disquieting, not just for the possible impact upon the future of apprenticeship but also for the Irish economy as a whole, given its reliance upon the capacity of the construction sector to deliver domestic requirements and meet the building and infrastructural needs of foreign direct investment.