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Construction engineering

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Concrete Research Institute Colloquium 2005,

University College Dublin


The current methods of processing orders, deliveries and invoices of concrete products in the construction industry is enormously inefficient, with vast quantities of paperwork, duplication of effort, scanning, re-keying and resolving mismatches between purchase orders, delivery dockets and invoices. This paper sets out results of a survey which reveals attitudes to Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in supporting the purchasing process in construction. The drivers and barriers to ICT use in construction purchasing is discussed from both the contractor‟s and supplier‟s perspective. The paper goes on to describe the outcome of a pilot study in which the efficiencies are investigated arising from using available technology to provide proof of delivery. The response of site personnel in using this technology is discussed, together with lessons learned in the pilot study. Arising from the survey and pilot study results, a proposal is made to re-engineer the procurement process, taking into account the available technologies. The re-engineered solution seeks to achieve an integrated three-way electronic match of the purchase order, delivery note and supplier invoice. Suggestions are made as to the benefits of introducing such an integrated system in the Irish construction industry