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Often a subject to ambiguity and interpretation, building codes and compliance with them require years of expertise to understand and to integrate into good design. Automation of code compliance through Building Information Modelling (BIM) removes the human aspect from these processes and ensures building codes are correctly adhered to. In this paper, the author reviews current code compliance systems implemented internationally and, with a focus on fire codes, compares them to the current fire certificate application in The Republic of Ireland. By conducting interviews with an Executive Fire Prevention Officer of Dublin Fire Brigade and a Fire Consultant practicing in Ireland, the author determines the process of the two professionals and attempts to automate the demonstration of compliance for 4 items from these processes. The author attempts to contain these solutions within a Revit Template File. By doing so, the solutions can be applied to any number of BIM models, demonstrating compliance for each design and, in turn, making a leaner compliance checking process for designers. By checking 4 items from the processes the author hopes to show that in theory, Revit can be automated for code compliance checking and demonstration.