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2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Municipal and structural engineering

Publication Details Cite thisShare this Dieser Beitrag entstand auf Basis eines Vortrags, der im Rahmen des 87. IFLA „World Library and Information Congress“ in Dublin gehalten wurde. Die „Library Buildings and Equipment Section“ organisierte am 28.7.2022 eine Open Session mit dem Titel „Something Old – Something New: Transforming an Existing Building Into a New Library


This paper describes two interrelated library building projects at Technological University Dublin. The first is the ongoing construction of an Academic Hub to accommodate the library and other academic support services, incorporating a protected structure into a new building. The second is the refurbishment of part of an office block, originally built in 1970 to be a hotel, to house an interim library until completion of the Academic Hub. This project has provided valuable information for the Academic Hub project.



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