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Architecture engineering, Environmental sciences (social aspects, Architectural design

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Architecture Ireland AI250, January-February 2010.


Economic globalisation has facilitated a glut of ‘spectacle’ works of architecture worldwide that often fail to celebrate the genius loci of places or the divergence of human culture. With the current crisis in world capitalism causing a meltdown in the mad rush to overbuild our physical environment it is pertinent to consider once again that architecture can actually contribute to a broader existential understanding.

A recent one-day conference at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London posited such a proposition. Curated by the Finnish writer and theorist, Juhani Pallasmaa and moderated by Jonathan Glancy, the Architecture and Design Editor of the Guardian, ‘Sustaining Identity 2’, presented visionaries and practitioners from different generations, cultures and geographies to argue that the creation of enduring, uniquely localised, people-centred space is still possible and desirable.