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Publication date 2021/6/8 Book Handbook of Research Methods in Careers Publisher Edward Elgar Publishing


Contemporary careers are changing and face many challenges. This creates a need for innovative cross-cultural and multidisciplinary research. In this chapter, twenty-three participants in a European/South Korean research mega-project provide an overview of their diverse experiences of trans-national, trans-sectoral, and trans-generational work. First, the project’s architects explore the context and rationale in five countries, selection of partners, securing funding and the underpinning principles of ‘strategic entrepreneurship’ and ‘multi-sociation’. Key workstream leaders then outline the project content, including diplomacy in research design, reflecting gender, ensuring impact, capturing learning, communicating to various audiences. Major aspects of Implementation are described: quality management, managing academics and risk, transnational and trans-sectorial working (between academia and industry), novel methodologies and finally the career implications for PhD students involved. These are honest and pragmatic reflections on the way to best practice.



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